Explorer Ellas Magic Forest PDF

Explorer Ellas Magic Forest

Explorer Ellas Magic Forest PDF

Ella likes exploring. 

She really likes reading maps and finding new places. 

Ella looked at a map. The map showed no forest. 

But there was a huge forest next to Ella. 

No explorers had found this huge forest before. 

Ella decided that it grew by magic. 

She walked into the magic forest.

At first, Ella saw no animals in the magic forest. 

She saw trees with leaves and bark that had sparkles. 

Ella saw flowers that floated.

Then, Ella saw magic bugs. 

The bugs had wings with lights. 

The magic bugs could spell with words of light. 

Ella could read the words in the magic bug lights. 

The bugs told Ella to walk deeper into the magic forest.

Ella saw magic birds. The magic birds sang magic songs that had no notes. 

The songs were made with art - the magic birds painted in the air. 

Ella could see long arrows so she followed the arrows.

Ella saw magic deer and magic rabbits playing in the flowers that float. 

Then Ella saw tracks. They were hoof tracks. 

She looked at the deer hoofs but they were not the same. 

These were not deer tracks.

Ella went deeper and deeper in the magic forest. 

She followed the hoof tracks and walked with care.

Ella saw an end to the hoof tracks and found herself next to a sleeping horse. 

This horse had a long horn and rainbow hair. 

Hang on! It was not a horse. It was a unicorn!

The unicorn got up and let Ella get on its back. 

Ella and the unicorn walked around 

the magic forest with the animals. 

Ella and the unicorn are pals.

Ella and her unicorn had found a magic land.

Explorer Ellas Magic Forest

Explorer Ellas Magic Forest

Explorer Ellas Magic Forest

Explorer Ellas Magic Forest

Explorer Ellas Magic Forest

Explorer Ellas Magic Forest

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