Always Be Good PDF

Always Be Good

 Always Be Good PDF

Colin Cow says:

Listen to Mum and Dad.

Patty Penguin says:

Keep your room tidy.

Zenna Zebra says:

Always brush your teeth.

Wally Walrus says:

Try your best at school.

Harry Hippo says:

Always do your homework.

Carly Cat says:

Always do your chores.

Baba Bear says:

Eat up all your vegetables.

Peter Panda says:

Look after your things.

And Leo Lion says:

Don't Forget your manners.

Words in this book 

says to 

be listen 

and always 

good keep

Room your 

tidy brush 

teeth try 

best at 

school do 

homework chores 

eat up 

all look

vegetables after 

things manners 

1.don't forget

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